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Back to posting server has been upgraded to PHP 7.4.7 and the admins are setting up more finely tuned access permissions. That means I should be able to post again, but first some testing!

500 Internal Server Error

Server keeps crashing on access, a reload usually works. This is basically the same for most (all, https only??) sites hosted on On server error, a php.core dump is generated in the root directory of the site.

Switch to HTTPS

SSL server certificate has been issued by Let’s Encrypt and automagically set up by (kudos to the admins). I have adjusted the wordpress settings to transition from http to https.

µEMACS Page Creation

Added first µEMACS page. WordPress capitalizes top page names when adding them to page menu (µEMACS => MEMACS). Need to investigate wordpress themes and menu settings. Issue fixed by switching theme 20-12 => 20-10.

Posting as a user

User creation was quite straightforward, but managing to log as a user was really a challenge. Not sure why the login page keeps being made unavailable. Nevertheless, once logged, posting is easy.


site created admin logged wordpress updated plugin updated inactive plugin deleted post created and links updated to https

Message Of The Day!

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